Nonosweeper - Play Minesweeper with Nonograms
Nonosweeper blends the logic puzzles known as Nonograms with the popular Windows game Minesweeper.
Nonograms (also known as CryptoPics or Griddlers) are logic puzzles in which the aim is to reveal a hidden pattern by looking at the number clues. (see also World of CryptoPics for more about these).

The ability to upload personal bests to the website has created a lively online community of players, with new players joining every day.

As in Minesweeper, with Nonosweeper you can play puzzles of three different sizes: Beginner (6x6), Intermediate (10x10) and Expert (15x12), each with its own online high-score table.

Nonosweeper is freeware.

Nonosweeper Beginner
Nonosweeper Pro

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For the serious Nonosweeper addict, an upgraded version called Nonosweeper Pro is also available on the website.

Nonosweeper Pro allows you to play puzzles of any size up to 40x25, and comes with an online account which allows you to get listed in the World Rankings and play for points in tournaments with a different grid configuration each week.
Check out the website for a full list of features.

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